My first real job was at Wherehouse Records & Tapes in Tustin, California. I was 17 and a guy named Sid managed the place and he gave me a job pricing and stocking - I think mainly so I would stop asking for a job.

Later on, part of what got me through art school was my job at A&B Sound in Calgary, Alberta. I made some of my best friends there like Lorrie, David and Issa. A big reason that I work in the industry is Issa, my saxophone playing pal, who asked me to join Veer (then Corbis) one day - which eventually led to me being here, at Amazon.

This week I started as the Principal, Creative Director on Amazon Music, with a team of folks that I respect very much.

Let's see what the next 30 years brings, hopefully I'm DJ Xersize doing a set in SkyVegas.